RN2 3dB hybrid couplers for GPS system (1.5Ghz, L1 band)

GPS antenna and module need a 3dB hybrid coupler for phase shift purpose.
RN2 has three standard couplers for GPS RF system.

RCP1500Q03 is a small size (6.35×5.08mm), cost-effective model, and […]

RN2 SMD 3 Way Divider (10W)

RN2 has recently developed a new 3 way power divider.

CXD21A03 is a SMD type power divider covering 1800~2700Mhz.
It’s 14.22×8.89mm size and 0.45 dB max insertion loss spec.
Amplitude balance is […]

RN2 2dB coupler for Inverted Asymmetric Doherty Amplifier

RN2 2dB coupler for Inverted Asymmetric Doherty Amplifier

In order to achieve higher efficiency with high PAR signal,
asymmetric architecture (the power of peaking is more than carrier) is used.
So asymmetric […]

RN2 Technologies at IMS2014

RN2 Technologies participated in IMS2014.

Here is the short video of RN2 staff in TAMPA, USA.


Broadband Coupler -RN2 Technologies

Broadband Coupler is usually used for military purpose RF Amp.
RN2 has 6 types of Broadband coupler items.
Global military RF system makers in North America, The UK, and Turkey are using […]

200W, 500W Coupler for TV Broadcast pallet amplifier

RN2 supply high power SMD coupler for UHF band pallet amplifiers.
Below are the 90deg 3dB hybrid couplers for broadcast system.

RCP650A03 is quite small size, and can support 200W power. […]