mmWave 60GHz application with LTCC Substrate

mmWave 60GHz is being considered as a key to future communication system.
RN2 has 10 years experience of LTCC substrate foundry service for mmWave application.
Contact us (SALES@RN2LTCC.COM) if [...]

20dB Directional coupler covering 800 ~ 2200 Mhz

CMX14Q20 is a 20dB directional coupler, and covers from 800Mhz to 2200Mhz. Its compact size and broad operating bandwidth make this item a good choice for AMP design.

CMX14Q20 is Q [...]

Hybrid and directional coupler for LTE low power AMP

RN2 has various items that are customized for recent AMP design. C size is one of them. It’s 6.0×3.0mm, and RN2 Technologies’ unique model. This small size coupler type was developed to provide [...]